Fourteen Years and…

the family

Fourteen years and…

Sixteen attendants (eight each)

Four ushers.

One flower girl.

One ring bearer.

Two guest book attendants.

One wedding coordinator.

One pastor.

One beautiful bride.

One anxious/excited/humbled groom.

Two people became one.

Two families merged into one bigger family.

Two dogs (RIP)

One apartment.

6 Houses.

Two States.

Lots of Jobs.

One Record.

One Book in progress.

Two lawnmowers.

One pool.

Four health clubs.

Several churches.

One Masters Degree.

Two bands and one solo effort.

Six guitars, two keyboards, one drumset, a PA, dozens of effects pedals a few amps and one piano in need of tuning.

Half a dozen bicycles.

Three grills.

One bedroom furniture set.

Half a dozen sets of couches.

Thirteen cars and one fairly short-lived motorcycle.

Various Apple products.

A few speeding tickets but no accidents. (well the one minor one that the girl on the cellphone hit us).

Paris, Cancun, New York, D.C., LA, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Jacksonville, Portland, Cleveland, OKC, Tulsa, Branson, Vail, Breckenridge, Frisco, Durango, Winter Park, Steamboat, Buena Vista, Cape Cod  Orlando, Clearwater, Divide, Denver, Ouray, Telluride, Guthrie, Lake of the Ozarks, Grand Lake, Lake Tenkiller, Keystone Reservoir, Lake Dillon, Lake Vallecito…

A few blizzards.

A couple tornados.

Some hailstorms (sorry VW Passat).

One house fire.

Some CRAZY wildfires.

A couple leadership scandals.

A shooting.


Two wars.

Three Presidents.

Five Governors.

Four Mayors.

Three Popes.

$0.89 to $4.00 in gas (and about the same for milk).

Dozens of weddings, baby showers and celebrations of wonderful friends and family.

187 viewings of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Even more (for Jenn) of Sweet Home Alabama, Family Man When Harry Met Sally.

Nine Seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Three, err, well “4” seasons of Arrested Development.

Six seasons of Big Bang Theory.

One Avalanche Stanley Cup

One Broncos Superbowl.

One Rockies World Series (appearance).

Two Red Sox World Series.

A thousand tears.

Millions of laughs.

Two years of absolute hell.

Which yielded…

A birth:

One fantastic 9 year old boy with a blue belt in Taekwondo and a heart of gold.

An adoption:

One joyous 2 year old boy with the best hair and smile ever.

Two people turned into four.

One Jesus.

One Marriage.

Two best friends.

One life to share together.

One very thankful man who recognizes he doesn’t deserve any of it.



Why $2 Dinosaurs and Empty Boxes Rock

I had a fantastic experience this morning.  While working in my home office, I heard my son playing upstairs.  “ROOOOAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!” He was playing with his new toys.

Last night we went to Target to get some window treatments, and bought our boy a couple $2 plastic toy dinosaurs.  The rest of the evening he had those two toys, he called them “Toorex” (t-rex) and “Staygo” (stegosaurus).  Staygo is the “good” dinosaur, and toorex the bad.  Turns out Toorex wanted to hurt a princess and Grant and Staygo were trying to save her by defeating Toorex with lot’s of loud “ROOOAAAARRS!”

So he went to bed holding them, and the moment he woke this morning, snatched them up and began the “ROAAAARRING,” afresh. I came upstairs  to see what all the commotion was about – and there he was, all bleary-eyed, still half-asleep, ROARING his heart out.

As a parent, those sounds are quite remarkable.  The sight of your child  just playing totally enjoying himself is amazing.  And it’s a great reminder that we don’t need all the latest, greatest stuff.  Kids are beautiful and innocent and creative and imaginative.  As adults, we often forget the fact that play involves those things more than it involves expensive toys.  You see it every Christmas morning across America when all those big expensive toys get pulled out of the boxes that become the favorite toy by the end of the day.

So this morning, my four-year-old reminded me of the wonder that life holds, if we’ll simply take the time to view it through the eyes of innocence and creativity.