Steve and John

“Hi there.” Steve said.

“Hey, how you doing?”  John replied.

“Pretty good.  Man, it’s beautiful out today, isn’t it?

“Yeah, feels nice to get some sun. Just wish it weren’t wreaking havoc on my allergies.”

“Dude, I totally get that.  I love spring visually. Not so much in the respiratory department.”

“Ha, yeah, me too. Sorry, I didn’t catch your name, I’m John.”

“Hi John, I’m Steve, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

John and Steve spoke for another 10 minutes, while waiting for tables to open up for lunch meetings.  Steve could tell John was probably gay, and although he’d always been uncomfortable with the topic, he felt instantly comfortable with John.

John thought Steve was probably an evangelical, he seemed to have some quirks in his language which belied an underlying church background.  John had always been wary of Christians, and particularly their stance on homosexuality, but Steve seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

They both liked the other immediately.  When their other parties arrived, they introduced one another and went their separate ways.  The never saw one another again, but were occasionally reminded of one another when conversations came up about “those other people.”  Which caused them to personally question what that meant.  After all, that guy I met at Chili’s seemed pretty cool…

What if we were kind to one another?  Would it help, over time, repetition and depth to diminish the various cultural divides we experience?



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