Proverbs 28:20a says “A faithful man will be richly blessed.”  I hope that I am a faithful man, but regardless of my faithfulness, God has been gracious to me.  I believe, although we aren’t wealthy by American standards, I am richly blessed. I have a wife and two sons whom I love profoundly and who love me.  I sit in an office that provides constant reminders of God’s goodness.  Pictures of family and friends, decorations and trinkets that have value not only in their aesthetics but in their meaning, their shared history with me.

Looking around my office this morning I took the time to briefly remember the people who matter so much in my life, the experiences that have enriched my time thus far on earth.  I see all of these things and I am so thankful for my life.  I am so thankful that Jesus rescued me all those years ago, and that he continues to rescue me from myself, and from situations that could harm me or my family. I am thankful, and I hope that remaining thankful helps me to be faithful.


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