Running To God

Grant Pics

My oldest son Grant is eight. One of my favorite memories of him is when he was about 5. At that time, he’d get to church early when my wife showed up. Invariably, we’d be in the middle of sound check and the first thing he’d do is run up onto the stage and give me a big hug.

I loved that. I loved my son coming to just get ahold of me regardless of the setting. So I’d oblige, the band would keep playing and I’d pause what I was doing to give him a hug and kiss on the forehead and then he’d go off with mom and we’d finish sound check.

Well about the same time, my first EP released and I was doing some guest worship leading to promote the record. I was leading worship at a large church in Denver and my wife and some friends drove up for service.

We had just started the second service, about halfway though the opening song when I look out and see a 5 year old boy streaking up the aisle toward the stage…Grant had arrived.

He saw his dad on stage and he was gonna get his hug. You could see my wife and her slow-footed-friends unsuccessfully trying to catch him before he got to the stage but it was too late. Grant jumped up on stage (in front of 1500 people) and latched onto my leg. I quickly patted his head, loved on him and kept going with the song.

It. Was. Amazing.

Here I was, trying “lead worship” and my son gave the congregation the best example of what worship should be.

What better picture of worship do we need than a son RUNNING to his father to love and be loved?Regardless of the crowd. Regardless of the circumstances. Regardless of the consequences.

This week, when you worship. Do it like Grant. Run to God. Run to the Father who is just as excited to see you as you are Him. Stop caring about the crowd, or your circumstances. Just run to God.


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