Why I Believe in the 2nd Amendment

My wife and I just bought a new home.  Actually we bought a 110-year-old Victorian  that was recently remodeled just west of downtown.  We’ve been in the process of moving some ancillary items, storage, closets, kitchen non-essentials, etc.  We had planned to take it easy and have a big moving day this coming Saturday.  Everything was going swimmingly until Saturday night, or rather Sunday afternoon.

I had a gig Sunday morning in Denver, so I got up early drove up, and did my thing.  I finished about 2:30pm and was driving home when I got a hysterical call from my wife.  Apparently, sometime Saturday night, some homeless people, broke into our new home through the basement window, and made a general mess of things.  They didn’t take much, thankfully, but they ate pretty much all the food we had there, stole some medicine and alcohol and made a huge mess.

Jenn called the police, they came out and did a report, and we hoped that would be the end of it.  We were wrong.

We decided it would be a good idea for me, our two 80 lb labs, my friend Ryan, and our two handguns to stay the night last night, just in case they came back.  I printed off some makeshift signs and taped them into all the windows.  They read,

“WARNING!!!  If my two 80 pound dogs don’t get you, my gun and I will if you come into my home again.”

Well, Ryan and I were settling in, and about 11pm last night, we heard some noise outside.  Ryan said, “Brandon, I think they’re back.” He grabbed his .40 caliber and ran downstairs.  I grabbed my Walther PPK 9 millimeter and followed.  Ryan ran out the front door, I glanced out, saw a couple girls across the way and that Ryan had made his way around the side of the house  (where the basement windows are) and towards the back.  I ran to the back of the house and came out to find Ryan had cornered two guys next to our back deck.

We confronted them, warned them we had loaded guns and that we were calling the police.  Apparently Ryan had found one of them in the window well trying to get in.  I called the police, they arrived moments later, and a couple hours later, the situation was over.

It turns out our homeless friends (each supplied heavily with pot, the police found) had some warrants, and some other issues.  They said “their friend Trey told them about the house and that he stayed there last night and it would be a safe warm place for them to squat.”  They swore they weren’t they to cause any trouble take or damage anything, and that they were simply looking for a warm place to sleep.  (I told them they were in luck, they jail they’d be staying in tonight was nice and warm.)

Here’s the thing, I really honestly thought no one would be stupid enough to return to the scene of the crime the night before.  Again, I was wrong.

I am thankful we live in country where it is a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  And I believe that this is one of those instances where that right proves the idea that legal and responsible gun ownership prevents crime, whereas unlawful gun use increases crime.  Because Ryan and I have been around guns, have been through training on how to handle a weapon safely and responsibly (we both had father’s in law enforcement and both considered a career in the field), we were able to use the threat of force without having to use any force and in the end no one was hurt and a further crime was prevented.

Thank God, that’s all that happened.


2 thoughts on “Why I Believe in the 2nd Amendment

  1. Wow – thats an amazing story. Good for you guys and I totally agree with you and what you did.
    Glad you all are safe and well.

    Jeremy & Niki Williams

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