Change + Hope = $750bilion in Debt

First, I have to admit I stole the title from one David Wilson, a close friend and colleague.  I think it’s brilliant.

Second, I have to wonder if THIS represents the change we can believe in, the change we need or the change we need to be.  Sorry I get confused with all the Obama platitudes of the campaign trail and their, now, obvious meaninglessness.  The sad thing is we’re , let’s see…30 days into the administration?  Oy vey.

I sure hope he can turn it around.

I also understand, because I wrote about it several times, that it’s foolish to place all our “hope” in the abilities of one man, one politician, one party, etc.  I still think President Obama is a gifted, intelligent and well-meaning individual, and that he can still have a very successful administration.  I hope he does, and I hope that congress can be turned over like the tables in the Temple courts.  That bunch may be simply incorrigible.


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