why journalists are people too

Ok, so the last post was a decidely negative take on the media.  So in this one, I’ll tackle the question of why journalists are doing a great job.

So are journalists all evil-liberal-minions of the fringe left wing?  Uh, no.  Do journalists typically lean left in their thinking?  Uh, yes, about 80-20 in that direction as it turns out.  See study

So what?

So what if more journalists think or lean left in their personal views?  So what if their values don’t reflect that of average Americans (see previous study)?  There is a strong argument to be made that they might be smarter than the average American.

After all, the term “media elite” didn’t just materialize out thin air.  There’s a reason these journalists are elite.  There’s a reason they work for the top employers in their field.  These folks are really, really smart.  They went to the best schools in the world, graduated at the tops of their respective classes and have done some astonishingly good research, writing and reporting over the years in order to ascend to the positions they now hold.

So if they’re smarter, better educated, have access to more information and are surrounded by people just as informed and intelligent as they are, shouldn’t we listen to them?

Here’s the point:  opinion, personal belief, value systems, et al will invariably seep into your work. It happens, it’s called being human.  This is an area the eastern world understands better about human nature than the we do.  The idea that the political, religious, moral, and professional  aspects of our lives can simply be categorized and filed away based upon circumstance and the task at hand is simply ridiculous.  We are human beings and our beliefs ought to inform our actions.  We ought to do what we think is right and we ought to be able to say that without fear of reprisal by folks of a different persuasion.

That’s the beauty of America when it works best.

The remaining question, as it pertains to journalists, is whether their views (due to the fact they are typically more educated and have more access to information than average folks) ought to be the standard, or whether, as journalists, they ought to seek more information, even from sources they consider inferior.

The remaining question, as it pertains to all of us, is whether our views of one another are big enough and generous enough to make way for others.


One thought on “why journalists are people too

  1. Yep. And not just in news, but in just about everything – can we recognize our own biases and those of others. Then, can we move beyond those and treat the opinions/beliefs of others fairly?

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