Hello Again

I’ve decided to re-open my blog.  It’s been closed for the last two years (I’ll be trying to find old posts and put them up as sort of an archive).  It’s not that I actually have any more time than over the last couple years, it may actually be that I have less.  However, I’ve decided, with help, that announcing my feelings and thoughts to the world ought to be more subtle and nuanced than your everyday, average facebook status update.

So here goes – first off a point of clarification on said facebook status update.

Shortly after the election was called in favor of President-Elect Obama, I casually, some might say cavalierly, update my facebook to say I was disappointed in the naivete of America.  That bears some explanation.

Here’s what I meant by that.

1.  It is naive for any of us to put our faith in any politician, judge, piece of legislation et al.  Especially for those of us who call ourselves Christians, followers of Christ, or Believers.  Our faith should rest firmly and securely in One God expressed in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.

This is of special importance when members of our society actually believe that a politician is capable of paying their mortgage and/or filling up their gas tanks for them if they vote accordingly.

It’s important to note that our civic involvment is important, and worthy of careful thought, fervant prayer and measured action.  In other words, if you are a citizen and didn’t vote, you may now close your mouth for the next four years regarding the policies of our new President.  This is my opinion.  You obviously have the right to say whatever you want, that’s one of the many beauties of America.

2.  My worry about an Obama Presidency is that regardless of how well he may govern, people will be disappointed.  He is a man of immense talent and capability, and his rhetoric is soaring, impressive and uplifting.  He is obviously gifted, educated and thoughtful.  However; he is young – very young, and by Presidential Standards, woefully inexperienced.  But again, I truly believe he is very capable.  But the expectations surrounding his election are so high, so full of lofty ideals (and worthy ones) that his actual administration of the government may leave people disappointed.

The answer is found in Proverbs 13:12, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” RSV

There is much to be admired about Barrack Obama and his ascendancy to the most powerful office in the world.  Again, he is articulate, talented, educated, thoughtful, and one who has raised hope for so many.  By electing the first African-American President in our history, America is, and should be, very proud.  Who would have thought this possible just 40 years ago?  This is a wonderful moment in our shared history one full of redemption and promise.

As an American, I am proud that as part of this election cycle we have overcome many divides.  Barrack Obama was not, afterall, the only history maker.  Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin – regardless of your opinion of either – were both glass-ceiling-shatterers in their own right.

My prayer now is that the political divides in our nation, may be healed.  That the insidious racism that still exists in pockets of our land will be rooted out, once and for all.  That the intellectual elite, and humbly-minded fundamentalist Christians can learn mutual respect.  And that the rest of us, those in the middle somewhere, those of us that exist in some sense of grey, can be the ones who bring us all together.

I have watched the conservatives repudiate the left of the Clinton years, and watched liberals lacerate conservatives over the last 8 years.  Let’s hope that we can all recognize that, as Americans, what makes us the same is stronger than what makes us different.  Out of many, one.


7 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. I, for one, appreciate this unpacking of your status update. It speaks to the title of your blog–just about every single issue we face as a nation, including abortion, involves some gray matter. One antidote to the nasty rhetoric you mention is telling the stories of this gray matter. Opinions are not clinical–they are embodied, they reside within people who are on journeys of some kind. Expounding on those journeys is good for our souls.

  2. So are you wanting discussion here, or on facebook? BTW…you can import any RSS feed you own into facebook as notes, in case you want to do that. 😉

    I suppose having a blog like this creates a point of reference for people to base their judgements of your other modes of expression on. Like status updates and random bouts of profanity in public places.

    I love blogs/blogging because it gives us a chance to exchange ideas, don’t you think?

    Keep it up, Poop. Good word.

  3. Well stated, Brandon. I so enjoy unravelling the thoughts you provoke in my mind. Thank you for the challenge. I sure do love your intelligence. Looking forward to more from you and this blog…

  4. I keep an eye on status updates on Facebook. When I saw your status update I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed you were soon being called “self-righteous” for it. I thought that was being extreme and frankly I was surprised that you were “attacked” so strongly and quickly for your simple thought.

    I watched you change your status update to say that you felt your comments were misunderstood, and I watched your comment change to say that you were sorry. It’s very indicative of the times. Any dissenting voice in the new age of Barack Obama will very probably be considered self-righteous, racist, right-wing radical, etc.

    I guess I was disappointed to watch you feel you had to minimize and then apologize for your statement. I, for one, agree with your first Facebook update after the election that much of the country is naive in believing that Barack Obama will be the savior to the U.S. (and to the rest of the world for that matter).

    This post was well-written and piognant. But please don’t feel the need to say you’re sorry.

  5. Great post Brandon,
    I’m hoping, and already seeing “the great divide” begin to heal itself after the election. I was an Obama supporter, but still found it a little ridiculous when all hope was left in his hands.

    I agree with you, I think some people will be disappointed with moves towards the better, just because some won’t see it as as much as promised.

    I’m looking forward to the next four years, and to reading more of your posts.

  6. Perhaps an actual apology was not in order, but your clarification was welcome. And if you felt the need to say you were sorry, I welcome it as a shift in our political rhetoric.

    Our country has been ravaged by culture war to the point that most of us have lost the ability to critique the other side in a way that is fair, humble, and respectful. (Much less _successful_ in terms of persuasiveness.) This has done great harm to our country, and to Christian witness. Brandon should be congratulated for leading the way in reflecting openly and humbly about the importance of tone.

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